Our premises

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In the hall a beautiful antique tiles pannel, representing a hunting scene. On the table, our Guest book.


The bar, a comfortable room, shows on its back wall a Picture by Luís Pinto Coelho representing a meeting of the founder members. On the other walls, pictures of other founding members (Alexandre Herculano, Almeida Garrett and Rodrigo da Fonseca).

Dining Room

The elegant Dining room decorated by Duarte Pinto Coelho.


The veranda, overlooking our magnificent private garden has a wide view over the Tagus, is one of the most romantinc spots. Boasting an “Art Nouveau” décor, is very popular with members for lunching and dining.


The pleasant room next to the Louis XV dining room, with its elegant victorian style fireplace, was much used in the XIX the century by writers and intellectuals. It is entirely wood pannelled, and the 2 stained glass windows by Jacques Gruber, and a unique oil painting by George Clairin representing the only existing nude of Sarah Bernhardt , make it quite exquisite.

Louis XV

The Louis XV room, in neo-baroque style, is used for social ocasions and banquets, and from its windows a view of the castle of St. George and the Tagus. The painted ceiling is attributed to José de Queiroz.


The library, which holds over 13.000 books, mostly focused on the 19th century, has gradually been updated with recent titles.


The garden, by our former Member Gonçalo Ribeiro Teles, where the conference by Valéry Giscard D’Estaing followed by a reception, was held.

Green Room

Where members can use the computer on the desk and read newspapers and magazines.

Directors Room

Other spaces